If I were Terry Schiavo...

…would I want them to pull the plug?

No “what ifs,” just consider all the circumstances currently going on up to today. I tried to put myself in her shoes and no one else’s. Not her husband, parents, congress, religious groups, or any other A-hole putting in their 2 cents (present company included I suppose, haha). If it were me, first of all, I would be f—ing p i s s e d at my family and the press for allowing that footage of me in my defenseless, invalid state to ever see the light of day. That’s an invasion of privacy and just not right. And I would also be p i s s e d that they waited as long to pull the plug as they did. Starving her to death would also be cruel, especially if it takes one to two weeks like the doctors say it will, so there must be some kind of euthanasia option. By the way, my answer is yes. Let her go on and enjoy herself in nirvana, paradise, heaven, valhalla, reincarnation, or any where else you think she might be headed.

Actually, I would not want to be slowly starved to death. Just shoot me up with a huge dose of Morphine and I’d sail quietly away…


Just shoot me up with a huge dose of Morphine
Actually in these situations the patient is given medication to easy the pain, to the point that they are kept totally sedated. It's like dying in your sleep.

As I said in another post, my family has just gone through a slightly similar situation with my wife's mother. Dad is a doctor so we were all kept well informed about what to expect (and many other aspects of the sitution) when the feeding tube was removed. We knew it was for the best. We all heard her say she did not want to be kept alive, including just weeks before. She had a living will. She was given medication that would keep her sedated and pain free, even though she was already in a coma from a brain tumor. We learned a lot in the few days before her death.

Although doens’t the medication supress breathing?

Although doens't the medication supress breathing?
Nope. It keeps them asleep.