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v 5.x setup help

…If you all don’t mind…I have been very happy with my v3.3 but decided to upgrade to 5.x yesterday.
First thing I did was load a project I just finished and plays back perfectly in v3.3
In v5.x it has a lot of pops, clicks and jerking - mainly with MIDI trks.
I have messed with the buffer settings, wdm & mme’s and basically setting it up to match my 3.3 settings.
I can’t seem to get it going.
My pc is plenty capable so i am at a loss as to what to try next.

Do you think I should try doing a full download of v5.x as opposed to the ‘upgrade’ download?
Also, i have 2.5 and 3.3 still on my machine - in different directories…(never did mess with v4.x even though i did purchase it).
Do you think the programs are conflicting?
I really, really hate the idea of removing my stable v3.3.
In fact, the more I think about it the more I think I should download the complete install of v5.x instead of the upgrade.
Right, anyone?


Hi cliff, you could try asio drivers. If you don’t have them on your soundcard, you can use asio4all.


I’m sorry for not answering your question but I’m going to make an upgrade suggestion based on my experience.

I have two bootable drives on my system, both with XP. I have n-Track 4 on one and when I downloaded version 5 I put it on the other. This way there’s no chance that the programs will conflict. I did the same thing when I went from 3.3 to 4.

Because I record outside bands I have to thoroughly test any new upgrade before I begin to use it on a regular basis. Version 5 so far uses more CPU power than version 4 and I can’t record as many tracks without getting a delay. I’ll have to keep messing with 5 until I figure it out but for now I’m using 4 to record my current project.

One thing you’ll have to watch out for is that when you open an old song file with the new version it will make new peak files. It then overwrites the old peak files so that you can’t open the song with the old version anymore. I don’t know if there’s a way to defeat this but that has happened to me. You should copy the folder with your test song to a new folder and then open the song in version 5 from that folder.

Hopefully some of the pros around here can chime in and recommend some settings to tweak to help your clicks and pops.

MIDI is buffer independant - change them as much as you like they make no differece to MIDI at all -

buffer size only plays a part if MIDI track is associated to a VSTi which uses the midi track to drive it - the buffers affect the VSTi operation, MIDI still remains independant -

suggest that you open the file in N then save as XXX V5 (or whatever) -whwn you re-open it, it will follow V5 convention -

Dr J


a) uninstalled the upgrade
b) re-installed the full v5 download (to G:drive, not C:)
c) downloaded and installed Asio4All
d) opened 10 track v3.3 project in v5
e) still lagging on the MIDI tracks

What is weird about it is that my lagging MIDI tracks are not pointed at anything, they are just a simple bass drum and maracas used as a click track more than anything else. Like, maracas = click, click, click and a bass drum every measure or so…and they are running through the MS Wavetable.
I have a MIDI track, which is the song intro, that is running through the Green Oak Crystal synth (pretty cool, incidently). It is not lagging or jerking at all.

I also see my CPU usage is up around 80% in v5. None of the tracks in this project have any effects added.

?? I guess I will continue to mess with v5. I keep getting distracted by doing stuff in my 3.3 ??



and they are running through the MS Wavetable

THERE is the problem. The MS Wavetable synth is HORRIBLY inefficient with very high and un-repeatable latency issues. You will definitely suffer trying to synch up audio with the MS synth. Google around for a GM compatible VSTi, DXi or Soundfont player. SFZ from rgcaudio.com with a GM compatible soundfont bank works well. Err.. GM == General MIDI not General Motors... LOL!


I have the Edirol VSC which I usually use for MIDI. I always thought the MS Wavething was less of a CPU hog.
But, I have been suspicious of it since it seems to be the only ‘lagging’ track.

I will send my track elsewhere tonight and see how that works.

Thanx to all responses …


I like to get back and not leave a subject dangling…

That appears to have been the problem (the MS Wavetable).
After I output my MIDI trks to a player other than the MS Wavetable, I am not getting jerking and other noise with the tracks and the CPU usage seems to have backed off (from up around 80 down to around 30-40).
Of course, now its all out of sync but I have the original 3.3 version finished.

In all of this, I abandoned the ASIO4All drivers and went back to the MME’s.
Is there a reason I should give the ASIO another try?

I have noticed a much clearer and better separated sound in v5.

Now I will begin a new project using v5 and NO MS Wavething and I think it will be ok.
I am anxious to try out Ndrums…so I might have to be back asking more ??

thanx for the responses and especially for convincing me to not use the MS Wavetble Synth anymore.