If you have Vista - don't download iTunes 8

you’ve been warned

Don’t do it !

My ipod is trashed - iTunes freezes when I plug it in.

Uninstalll - reinstall no joy.

Apple better get it’s act together if they wanna play in Windows land.

Hmmm… my son has Vista on his lappy… He would be calling me screaming his head off if iTunes barfed and hosed his iPod. Then again, he might not have downloaded V8 yet. I just looked… I have V7.7.1.11 on this XP box. I’ve been ignoring the “There’s a new version… would you like to…” messages for a while now.

Did it update the firmware on the iPod too?



It crashed my iPod - still working on it - I’ll check those links phoo - re install did not work.

Windows Update says I’m good but the Apple update is not listed in my update history.

This blows.

Downloaded correct update for my system and it said "This update does not apply to your system."


Thanks phoo! I’ll be ready for when Jon calls crying “BAW-HAW-HAW- sniff-sniff… It’s gone! It’s ALL GONE! DAD??? HELP ME DAD! Oh… ho-ho… oh, my world is coming to an end!! It’s ALL GONE!” :laugh:


PS That boy has two-thirds of all the music ever recorded on that darn thing… I PRAY it doesn’t get hosed…

I quit - tried every fix on the net to no avail…

D - call the boy and tell him not to update to 8

Found another one…
Looks likes it might not be solved yet, but there is another thing to try.

I’ve had a running battle with the “younger” set around this house for years now. My rule - no iPods in the house. Period.

If you’ve got an iPod you have to install iTunes and iTunes is the proggie from hell on Windows. Since all the rigs around here are Windows-based - no iPods.

I bought them some very nice Samsung MP3 players (that also play .wma) that work nicely off Windows Media Player and they will just have to live with the shame of being the only ones without the Apple versions.

The kids around here have discovered the Zune. It’s become the next iPod because of “something” it does the iPod can’t do. I don’t know yet what that “something” is. Maybe, I don’t want to know.

Even the Zune software sort of messed up my machine. It set virtually all of the media files to default to playing in the Zune app. That’s not what I want. Of course there should be an option at setup to allow that. Thing is, it wasn’t installed from my account, but the defaults were changed on my account.

This is something I really dislike about most multimedia players. They assume if you install the play you want every multimedia file to be played in that player. (iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player…). Well…NO…I have differnt apps for different purposes and I want to be able to EASILY set which type defaults to which app.

Of course, I can do that relatively easy in many, but some are simply painful.

Apple apps seem to be worst than most.

The ‘thing’ is probably the wireless sharing.

I feel like woxnerw today - reformatting - un re un re un re…

the problem is simple - my iPod needs a ‘restore’ through iTunes = fine
but iTunes won’t recognize my iPod to restore it, because it needs to be restored to factory settings in iTunes. Well duh! Seems like they’d have considered that possibility?

My ipod may be headed for eBay. My iphone has more room anyway…

I bought my little iPod Nano 8GB for one reason… size and shape. Other than that, I don’t care… mp3’s sound like doo-doo anyway…


Finally got iTunes to recognize my iPod - had to format the iPod drive in windows = deleted everything.
This will give me a chance to see how many Beatles tunes I have :slight_smile:

652 Beatles songs - am I missing anything? :laugh:

Just got my collection out for some inspiration.

Always find something good in there.


It was a rough day… I feel like I’ve been pushed through a knot-hole the wrong way… The XP Repair worked on the Studio XP Desk… So… I don’t have to re-do it… I think… However, it wouldn’t work on the P-111… There’s 17 security updates that wouldn’t install on the P-111 for some reason… I have them downloaded but the command wouldn’t allow them to install… I got SP 3 installed… maybe that’s the issue… Anyone know… ????

Why does the virus applications allow this stuff to infect your machines and only them does it setect it and remove it ???? After-the-Fact…

I’ve seen a Beatles collection link “Complete” for the downloading… I bieleve the format is mp3… as-well-as… just about any other “collection set” … Elvis… and… and… well… Way too huge a file for a modem-and-dialup…