Ignore Dewey Oxberger

All pests eventually go away

Don’t bother reviewing or responding to his moronic comments

This has been proven to work in said troll’s previous incarnations (Ted Nugent, Dr. KevOrkinMan, etc.). Could also try bumping up threads listed below his/her stuff to clean up the first page, at least.

This technique of creating an oversized “banner” post also seemed to work well in cutting him/her off early. Has to be used early, though.

It used to be somewhat enternaining until Ted/Dewey started recycling his/her old material…now it’s just boring. :(

:D <-- Oh wait, can’t forget this…it makes everything alright!

But can’t we somehow work go-carts into all this?

Ohp! Right Doug, sorry: and if all else fails, we run down said troll on our go-carts. Will that work? :;):