illegal operation digital fish

dialog box pops out when using plug-in

hey guys got this problem, i have this free plug-in from digital fish (SPITFISH) & i love it! its great & been using it a lot on drum tracks. then suddenly when i try to adjust the knobs a dialog box comes out saying that N caused an illegal operation. only on this plug does that but it never did before. have guys know the problem?

Got something from sinusweb (peakcompresser, ect) running at the same time? That’ll do it.

hi willy,

could you please elaborate i’m a bit slow sorry…:smiley:

I have ceased to use any plugin from DigitalFishPhones with n-Track at all. It invariably crashes my system, and until now I haven’t been able to hunt down the cause - apart from not using the plugins. Everything else works, and the sound of the DigitalFishPhones plugins are not to my liking anyway, so I’ll stick with the Kjaerhusaudio Classic series plugins instead.

regards, Nils

could you please elaborate i'm a bit slow sorry...:D


If you have a Sinus plug running in the same .sng file as a digitalfishphones plug, it will crash ntrack when you go to move a fader in the DFP plug.

thanks willy. but is there any solution for this problem? i had just discovered that the problem occurs only when the song contains lot of FX. i use N v3.0

The fishphones stuff has conflicts with some other plugins as well. Tell us what plugins you have running, or you can figure it out by adding them one at a time, moving a knob or two on the plug ins, and repeat until crashing. It’s not a problem with n-Track, it’s in the plug in.

Why are you using spitfish on drums? ???

thanks toms! i’m using the spitfish to reduce unwanted frequencies on the cymbals.

hey Dean, and welcome to N.

Like Willy & Tom mention, the DigitalFish plugs tend to conflict with plugs from other vendors. PeakComp is one that especially doesn’t like Fish. For my money (and these plugs are free, so take this with lots of salt), the Classic plugs from KjaerhusAudio are much nicer.

Also, which build of N version 3 are you using? Build 1516 is the latest and greatest (and most stable). Since you own ver3, the upgrade to 1516 (ver 3.3) is free. If you’re not running 1516, holler and someone will give you a link to DL it.


Quote (dean russell @ Mar. 17 2005,12:27)
thanks toms! i'm using the spitfish to reduce unwanted frequencies on the cymbals.

Ah, that make sense. :)

Blockfish set to stereo on a group of kic, snare, toms (no cymbals) is fantastic.

Wow, see you learn something everyday, would never have thought sending drums to a “de-spit spraying” vst?..very creative!


thanks teej for the tip & yes mine is the lower build & i think it’s time to upgrade not to v4 though (my PC can’t handle it :D ). i just downloaded KjaerhusAudio plugs and giving it the job i have the master limiter but didn’t know that there are a lot of plugs offered by them. thanks to all you guys who had the time to answer! BEST GROUP OF PEOPLE EVER!!!



An upgrade of V3 is pretty easy. You can get the install file HERE. Save it to your Desktop and double-click it. It’s generally a good idea to reboot after an install.

When you launch N, it will ask you if you want to use your existing profile. Generally, keeping your old profile is fine. But you may want to consider having N create a new profile. Whenever i’m having stability issues, i find it best to start from scratch.

Hope this helps.


thanks teej!

by the way teej, can my old reg. codes function on the build you gave?

Yup. All V3 upgrades are free. Flavio has offered free (minor) upgrades for ages.


Thanks man you’re a life saver!!!