Im registered!

Well I’m now registered and it’s all good. Yeehaw.

I tried out every audio software app I could hunt down
for something that I could use with confidence and N-track
was the best.
I found Ableton live constrictive, MTS simplistic, Tracktion confusing, and even though I do believe that each musician is going to finda solution which may or may not be different to mine, N-track seems very expandable and as other old boffins state, it does resemble a multitrack approach.

My main lust was for rewire compatability even though as it turns out, rewire has overheads because your running two different apps at least and, its just simpler to render waves and then just assemble in N-track.

I also like N-track because it does recognize my wdm driver compatability since I’ve upgraded to a audigy zs 2 platinum pro
soundcard, so far it’s the only audio app that does that out of all I tested.

I’m now a happy camper, sure I’ve still got a few issues, like it’s a bit dicey running as a rewire mixer when it starts at the start of a song, it seems to take a few beats to get things flowing , and, when using asio4all drivers it’s locking my output to 24bits unpacked but hey, it’s all minor stuff.

I also really do like the N-track compressor and the vst effect plug-in potential, I reckon this software will be a pleasure to learn more about so, please realize, I am now officially lurking these forums regularly!


Wellcome! See you soon!

Oooh, just wait till you try out all of the plug ins out there… :)

Welcome aboard.
Be pepared to have you life changed in a off fad way!
This software is only limited to your amagination.
Have fun, and don’t forget to post some songs for us, to hear how you are progressing.

keep trackin’


audigy zs 2 platinum pro

I've got one of these - if you use the *asio* driver you can use all 6 channels (3 stereo pairs) as inputs on the breakout box simultaneously. The WDM driver is a stero pair only. Note that if you want to do this you have to enable n-track for 20 channels of inputs, and then disable the ones you don't need. (you will get 10 pairs of very narrow VU's at first - just drag and expand to find a hammer so you can deselect inputs) You need 20 channels set because the audigy2zs plat pro uses asio channels 1&2 17&18 and 19&20 for the 3 analogue stero inputs on the breakout.