IMidi merge

merge 2 midi tracks

Hello all.
Was wondering if it is possible to merge 2 existing
midi tracks?
Maybe with some third party software?
Reason - (in case there is no real need)
I have a midi file that I would like played by another
instrument. -> Then I want to add some controller info.
Specifically pitch-bend. If I add a controller track
assigned to the same channel, can I merge those two

open your MIDI file - double click in track to open properties - look for INSTRUMENT - change to your choice -

now open piano roll - at bottom of piano roll there are two drawing icons - above them is a display box, above the display (it may at first be hidden) is a drop down menu for Velocity Progran change and PITCH BEND - if dropdown menu is not visible look for cursor to change to hand then double click - select pitch bend -

select leftmost drawing icon, now you can draw in your pitch bends - select the red (delete cross) from top toolbar to draw across entries if you make mistakes or dont like what you have drawn in -

when finished go to FILE / EXPORT MIDI FILE - your changes are now locked into the MIDI track -

BTW you can erase and re-program pitch bend and velocity in any MIDI track this way -

Dr J

Thanks DR
Wow - I really have egg on face.
Up last night RTFM - and low and behold.
I had no idead n-track had such wonderful capabilities.
Plus an event editor. WOW
Great explain, thanks again