Imperfecta Simetría


I few months ago a friend of mine finished to writing a book (published in Spain by CIRCULO ROJO, an spanyiard editorial). His book was named as IMPERFECTA SIMETRIA and it counts about few horror stories that pass by in a place called Simetría .

His main character is Marcos Laguna (aka Mark Lanegan) and my friend told me to make a performance, where he exhibited his book,
versioning a few songs of Mark Lanegan. We finally decided to record those songs in a home studio album and we have wished to share with you (also ML’s fans).

The album has 4 tracks:
One way street
Long Gone day

and 2 new songs of my own:
beautiful Little fool
SAy Goodbye

you can listen the songs here:
The Imperfecta Simetria Soundtrack

the soundtrack in a regional newspaper:

PD: Maybe the recording quality is not PRO, but remember that was recorded at home.
PD2: Surely we have not make profit of this album.

Good stuff, Wyndorf. You have a great voice.

I didn’t care for your avatar.