Import .ins file not working

Some Definition files don’t change bank#

Thanks in advanced for any wisdom or insights on this query all you mighty N-Trackers !!

Been playing with version 4, I LOVE IT !!, all my little wish list dreams are realized !! I also had a problem exiting from ntrack v3.3 when my Tascam US-428 was active, I used to have to “End Task” it, now it exits gracefully in v4 :D

Here is my question: I imported a few instrument definitions for my synths and they all worked fine except for my Roland XV-5050, which has a long bank number to change banks, all the other synths that use a single digit bank number work fine.

The Roland bank numbering looks like this:

11008 - XV-5050 Rhythm USER
11072 - XV-5050 Rhythm PR-A
11073 - XV-5050 Rhythm PR-B

If I change the bank numbering to:
1 - XV-5050 Rhythm USER
2 - XV-5050 Rhythm PR-A
It changes bank in the track property bank incrementer, but obviously I am not sending the right bank number to the synth at that point. I have three versions(from different sources) of a Instrument Definition file for the XV-5050, but two of them give me “File Format Error” when I try to import them.

Another to note to Flavio is that the dialogs that come up for the import have a bug where the previous dialog opened actually overlaps the newer window (the one where you select the ins file) and you have to move the first windows in advance if you want to even see the prompts to import once you get there…

Any help will be greatly appreciated !!

Regards, -StephenR (Azureth)
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Hey Steve, good to see ya around,
You might not remember me, but you or someone from your band e-mailed me after I signed your guest book. I’m in your area as well PA?
Anyway, I’m not reall knowledgable when it comes to Midi/ synths and such. I only use live instuments, so haven’t had to deal with anythin’ like that.
But I have had problems with files before.
I have a programs called db poweramp. It’s a file converter, and whenever I have a problem with a file, I just send it throught this program and it makes a new file(wav.) and that usually solves whatever was wrong with it.
That’s about all I can suggest, again, since I’ve never don anything like what your describin’.
keep rockin’ dude, love your stuff…


Thanks Jerm !!

Glad you like our music, I’m(keyboards) in West Palm Beach Florida, Mark Connors(Guitar) is in Houston Texas, Kenneth Aspeslaen(drums, vocals) is in Ringebu Norway !! Yep, I also use dbpoweramp, cool program !! I don’t know if there will be a good answer for this, it might require an update because the banks will not switch unless they go in increments of 1,2,3 … Let’s see what Flavio has to say :wink: Keep Rockin !! Thanks for the help :)