import MIDI Sounds

I have Cakewalk Kinetic, and want to use some of the midi sounds from that program, how can I import them to use them in N-tracks?



Menu Bar
Import MIDI file
locate the MIDI file and click…ok

I hope you were talking about MIDI files, songs you have created with this software…otherwise…

I don’t think you can import the “sounds” alone.

Quote (syn707 @ Mar. 02 2005,00:12)
I don't think you can import the "sounds" alone.

No, but if the Cakewalk Kinetic can record audio, you can record the midi tracks to audio, export them to .wav files and import to nTS.

Actually, I've used similar workflow for years with an old Cakewalk Pro Audio version. These days I've updated the midi sequencer to Cubase VST/32 (that came with the EMU 1820 soundcard) and I use GigaStudio 2.54's audio record function, but the principle stays the same: when the former midi tracks (mainly drum, percussion and "keyboard" stuff) are imported to nTS, I record guitars, basses, vocals and other "real" instruments as needed.

- Mwah