Imported MIDI drum track

distorted on playback

New thread here on my neverending journey…

I have some MIDI drum tracks I want to import. When I do the playback is highly distorted, as if the levels are way too high. I’ve played with the console mixer in my soundcard, tried different drivers, everything I can think of. I’m using my Mia Midi card and selecting the WDM Virtual Out 1-2 for the playback device. I use WDM Analog In for recording and when I play back with the WDM Virtual out the WAVE files sound just fine. I’ve run into a brick wall, tried everything I can think of. Any ideas? I’m almost there for my first recording. I can feel it!

What ‘physical’ midi instrument are you routing the drum track to? Soundcard’s midi synthesizer, an external midi synth, or a VST instrument? Midi files cannot distort as such, but the track may contain velocities above the limit the instrument output are able to reproduce without distorting. If all else fails, you may try reducing the velocities in the timeline of the midi track(s) in piano roll mode.
Another emergency solution is to render the midi file as a wave file outside n-Track - for instance, you may benefit from the SynthFont soundfont player found here, og try a VST instrument.

regards, Nils

What I’ve done is downloaded some MIDI drum loops from Groovemonkee. I’ve imported a loop into N-tracks by going to File, then selecting Import Midi File. I’m assuming the loop is using the N-tracks MIDI sounds to play. I’ve gotten this to work in the past but that was prior to setting up my soundcard correctly. I think it was using just the standard Windows MIDI software, not sure. I don’t have a MIDI instrument connected to my comp at all. I just want to be able to add drum loops and then edit them to fit my music as much as possible.

I’ve got a wave file track and a MIDI track. I can hear the wave file track, which sounds lovely. The MIDI (and also, for diagnostic purposes) the metronome, sound distorted. I thought for a little while that the problem was that the MIDI loops I downloaded were 16 bit and I’m using 24… but I can’t figure out if that’s right or not. I got excited when I thought of it though :D I felt brilliant lol Now I don’t think that’s the case since the metronome is also distorted.

For the MIDI output I’ve got Mia MIDI selected. Does that mean I have to have my MIA card connected to a MIDI instrument or something?

This is so complicated. I don’t know how you guys do it.

Thanks for the help though.


Ok I’m bumbling along enough to guess that the Mia MIDI selection for out means the signal would go to a MIDI device, if I had one. I’ve got the DR-008 installed but can’t get that one up and running. Maybe if I understood it better I could solve my problem with it.

I’m lowering expectations however. If I can just get the metronome to play through my headphones. The only options I have listed are either Mia MIDDI or PC Speaker. I select PC Speaker and hear it blipping from the PC and not my headphones, but I can hear the Wave file through my headphones. So I’m not sure where to go next… If I had my headphones plugged into the PC directly and not my soundcard perhaps, but I want to hear the guitar while I play it…

Slogging forward lol