imported tracks don't sync


Hi everyone,

I searched the forum but couldn’t find an answer so thought I better ask the experts. I recorded some drum tracks in my garage using ntrack on a laptop and then sent the files to my desktop where everything else is pretty much recorded. Tried to mix and none of the files recorded on the laptop sync with the files recorded on the desktop. Checked anything in the program I could find related to speed and everything appears to be OK.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated?

Are the wav’s simply in the wrong place, or are they running at a different speed?
Are both your craptop and main machine set to the same bitrate?

It looks like they are slightly in the wrong place. Speed seems right from what I can tell,

Zoom in on the wav in the timeline. Left click and hold the cross in the bottom left of the wav and drag it to the correct place.

Thx Tony but I’ve tried that 50 times still can’t quite get it to match up

Right click and you can snap the track to the start of the time line marker instead of trying to move in manually. You can also adjust the time line using the clock to fine tune the marker position.


When zoomed in enough, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be synch’d manually.
Are the tracks recorded to an exact bpm? If not, the grid will be useless.
Open each wav prop’s and compare Resolution#bits.
Ducaco! Hang in there - it can be sorted.

There are several things that could have come into play here.

1.) the timing chips on both computers will not be the same.
2.) possible lag on either computer during recording (especially the laptop).
3.) the for-mentioned frequency difference (which we haven’t ruled out).

In order to rule out these possibilities we need more info.

1.) what frequency are BOTH recordings at?
44.1k 48k, 96k etc etc.
2.) what type of converion method is used on both systems (eg. outboard converter (firewire, usb) or internal soundcard).
3.) the type of timing used in both systems set up in preferences (system timer/wav. timer)
4.) does the drum file sync up to the original tracks or mixdown inside the LAPTOP it was recorded on?
4.a.) what process did you use to put the wav. files you played while recording into the laptop? (eg. mixdown to CD at 44.1k then loaded off the CD to the laptop? data cd (keeping the files in their original frequency), transfer by ethernet or usb drag and drop, flash?

Tony and others here are right tracks can be synced up easy enough in the timeline at the beginning but that will not correct gradual drift a track will have if there are other issues effecting the speed at which the recordings are made.

Answering a few of these simple questions above will rule out any obvious things or point us to those obvious answers, if nothing obvious is found from there we dig DEEPER for other known culprits.
Many of use collaborate with musicians around the world and have much experience with timing issues involving multiple computers and formats so hang tight!

keep shinin