Importing MIDI

Can’t midi in 6/8 time

I am trying to import a midi file into N that is in 6/8 time. When I import N keeps the meter as 4/4 and the midi plays OK but I can’t put a 6/8 rhythm underneath. If I change the meter to 6/8 after importing the midi does not play properly - lots of notes get overlayed rather than staying as a one line melody. If I change the meter first to 6/8 then import N changes the meter back to 4/4. How do I get a 6/8 tune imported successfully?

Silly question, but there isn’t maybe an event that changes the timing ?

That will happen if the MIDI file info says it’s a 4/4 time sig. The MIDI file has no use for that info so it could be anything and it would still play OK. n-Tracks set it to 4/4 to match what’s in the file. It’s not a MIDI event, but part of the file header.

Probably n-Tracks is trying to convert what it thinks is 4/4 to 6/8 by moving the notes around. If there is no way to disable this (try turning all quantization off) then I’d suggest we need this as a new feature. MANY MANY MIDI files don’t have the time signature set correctly, yet play fine otherwise.

This is probably a job for an external MIDI editor.

Yeah, I’d like a feature whereby we can temporarily “lock MIDI events in the timeline” as though they were wave file events, while changing the time signature (what n-Track erroneously calls “tempo”) and tempo (what N calls “BPM”). I would use this when I’d recorded a MIDI part to a wave file, and then realized I forgot to set up the timing first!

N remembers all the MIDI data just as it exists in the file, using M:B:T values. Change the MIDI time base and all that means different stuff!