Importing .wma files

into n-track for editing


Can anyone tell me how I can import a .wma file into n-track for editing.

Or failing that, how I can convert a .wma file to .wav format.

OR, failing THAT, how I can get a track from an audio CD into n-track.

I’m having drum lessons that use a CD to play along to measures and I want to use n-track to produce a speeded up version to help me speed up as I improve.


Mike F

A lot of people around here use this freebee to convert from wma to wav

n-Track only supports .wav files.

I second neebow’s suggestion about dBPowerAmp for file conversions. One caution: Converting a .wma to a .wav does not restore the conversion losses caused by the .wma compression process. You will still have a low-fi .wav afterward.

To get a track off of a CD you will need a “ripper” app. There are many free ones. I use “Exact Audio Copy” which has some nice features including glitch removal. I think even Windows Media Player v9.0 and later will allow ripping from CDs although I have never used it. Another good ripper is “Audio Grabber” which is now freeware. Do a Google search for the d/l sites.



Thanks guys!

Mike F