In a fit of boredom...

Yeah - sad songs are better. Just a strat in the little vox amp line out into a presonus eureka, which is not exactly full of character or anything. Just clean and quiet. Compressor and EQ on it are nice. Didn’t seem big to me. Also, using the verb plug that JDET really liked, Antress spacifier or whatever it is called. It has nice width control.

Well, not just a strat, my '87 reissue of the 57, three way switch and all that. :agree:

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 20 2010, 12:56 PM)

I want to hear more of this from you old friend. Enough of that happy crap!
I personally can't wait til I get my funny streak over with and start writing sad songs again.

Seriously liked.... downloaded.

Hi Poppa Willis and All:

There's times when there is nothing nicer than a good "Tear Jerker"..
It's the reality part of life, at times.. :agree: :)


heh - I’ve written some tear jerkers - but they jerk tears for all the wrong reasons - chief among the offenders, my trash can music. :)

Quote: (woxnerw @ Dec. 20 2010, 3:35 PM)

There's times when there is nothing nicer than a good "Tear Jerker"..
It's the reality part of life, at times..

Which is why I don't especially care for 'em. Gimme happy music...


"Which is why I don’t especially care for 'em. Gimme happy music…"



I haven’t written any Tear Jerkers…
BUT… I’ve cried all the way to the bank after playing them… :)


Yeah I know there are piles of people out there who like the tear jerkers. I’ve always viewed music as a sort of ‘escape’. I don’t NEED to escape to gloom, despair and misery. Get enough of that in everyday life. :)

“Girl dun’ left me… Garbage truck ran over mah favrite dawg… I’m outta beer…
All outta luck… Ain’t no use hangin’ round here…” BANG

Nope. Don’t do nuttin’ fer me. :laugh:


Garbage truck ran over mah favrite dawg… :p :laugh:

I’ll give you 10 minutes to write 3 versus and a chorus… Make them rhyme… :laugh:


Loved my fav’rut dawg
Way more than ma’ hog
But now my heart is broke
He hit the spoke of truck # 1 - his neck’s now broke

Guess I could cry
And wonder why
But what good would it all do?
The good Lord knows
I never thought
He would out run you…

He out ran you - beat you to the ball
I threw it to the truck - ain’t that just my luck?
He out run you sweatheart…don’t that beat all.
the best laid plan of man - foiled because you ran
But he out ran you… boo hoo boo hoo


I’m going to hug my dog just as soon as I get home! sniff



Good start to a # 1 Tear Jerker…
If dannyraymilligan, UJ and Allison jump on-board to come up with the key modulations to fit their Vocal Ranges…
Try not to make it any longer than 3:40 or 3:55 or-so…