plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy it again Sam

do this - insert track - doubleclick in track to open its properties -

on the properties panel look for the SPEED ARROWS - above these is the present setting (1.00) clck on the speed text to open the dropdown menue - at the top of the list you will again see the present speed - click on that and a small box will appear, here you can type in and alter the speed of the track in 0.01 steps -

this opens more opportunities for track manipulation - THE HIDDEN POWER OF N is in its abaility to treat spliced areas (tracks that have been cut) as independent items - so by double clicking in a spliced section will opems the properties for that section so by cutting sections of a track you can alter the speed of that section and leave the speed of the rest of the track unaltered -

as changing the speed will atlter the length of the spliced section you will have to move the other parts of the track back into position - RIPPLE EDITING WOULD BE GREAT HERE- ONE DAY who knows ?

for the more advanced user - try dropping the (complete) track to half speed, then splice it up and change the pitch of each section - half speed +12 pitch shift is quite interesting -


Yep - independent part speed has some potential. I agree with the needed option of Ripple edit.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 16 2008, 8:22 AM)

I agree with the needed option of Ripple edit.

BOTH per SELECTED TRACK(S) and GLOBALLY please... :agree:


What do you guys use ripple edit for? I have yet to find a use for it.

Mostly for massive “slip” editing when comp’in ideas together. It’s pretty doggone handy…


Takes the hand job editing guess work and snap to grid goofiness away on bigger cuts.
It’s no biggy, just handy when you need it once or twice a month.