In Loving Memory

My hero and role model for my entire life passed away this evening. My Dad.

Charles Allen Teague
September 30, 1924 - March 20, 2005

Fly High Freebird.

I’m sorry to hear about your loss - best wishes to you and your family.

My sincerest condolences, YazMiester. Parents dream of being remembered by their children as you have your father. My best to you and your family.


Yaz, it was about 15 years ago my dad died. For some reason I can’t recall the date, or even the year, but I remember everything else in sharp detail.

You’re not going to get over it quickly mate, and there’s nothing I can offer that can help you get over it either.

Only that I share what you’re feeling right now.

They’re so solid, so much of what you are. No matter what fights you’ve had, (and let’s be honest, we’ve had millions with him), still, he was that big part of your life.

And there’s the the “knock-on” feeling. Grandad dies, father dies, so, who’s next in line?

But, I felt guilt about that thought too. Pure selfishness.

But you feel guilt about so many things; all those things you said, all those things you wish you’d said but never did. And especially the time you wish you’d crushed him in your arms and told the old bugger how much you loved him.

But then you think about it, and you realise that he knew that anyway, and that he loved you too.

Fly high freebird; you said it mate. :)

With you in feeling if nothing else Yaz.


You have my condolences, and deepest sympathies, Yaz.

Oh man, Yaz… I’m sorry dude. You have my deepest condolences bud. I’m lucky to still have my dad. He’s 72.

Many prayers going up for you and yours bro.


I had a recent bad scare with my father’s health (he’s in his seventies) and I have some appreciation for the extent to which this event can rock the foundations of your world. My condolences: you and your family are in my prayers.

There are few things as painful, Yaz; you have my deepest sympathies.

Very sorry to hear about your dad. If you feel like it, sometime, please share a story about him with us.

Yeah - very sorry to hear as well.
Especially since it sound like you had the utmost respect for him.

My mother died in 2001, and I can confirm what Ali said.

Just want to add something from ‘The last samurai’:

"Emperor Meiji: Tell me how he died.
Algren: I will tell you how he lived."

The memory of my mother’s ‘being’ and life is way more vivid than the memory of what cancer did to her in that last month.



I’m very sorry, Yaz.

Loosing a parent is one of the hardest things you may ever do. The feelings and ramifications may not be obvious for years.

Take care.

I’m very sorry, Yaz:
Looseing our Parents is the toughest thing to come to grips, with… It might help to try to remember the Good Times you had with your Dad…

We can loose our Uncle or Aunt or Cousin… but it tares at the soul of our being when we loose our Mom or our Dad…

As we age, time has a way of healing our losses… and then wondering… Who will be left or Who will be next?

We are all going along this road, not knowing where it will take us or where it will end…

We are all trying our best, not to be left behind… Well…


Deepest condulences Yaz.

I just want to stand up, and start singin’,“Oh my Papa”. oh my papa…come on people, altogether now! OH MY PAPA…

My dad’s gettin’ up there in years himself. I’m dreading the inevitable day myself. I guess nothing can truley prepare you for it; when it happens, you just gotta buck up and roll with the punches. :;):

Hang in there bro, our loved ones are always smilin’ down on us. :)


Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, nothing can prepare us for this even tho you know it’s coming to one and all sooner or later.
Will start recording a cd for Dad this week, just some of his favorite songs. My Dad and Mother played gospel music for years with my Mom’s brother and wife. Dad played guitar, accordian, lap steel, (he called it his hawaiin geetar) and a little banjo. I would sit and listen to him play for hours and hours, was my inspiration to play guitar. His favorite song for learning on a new instrument, “On Top Of Ol’ Smokey”. Remembering this puts a big smile on my face this morning.

Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers. :)

I’ve been away on vacation this week and just read your post. I am so sorry. I lost both my parents relatively young in life. I knew they would go soon, but I still wasn’t prepared. Give yourself time to really greive. I remember my dad had a really nice baritone singing voice. I really miss that.

Take care friend,