In My Pride

Words by Nixon1972 and myself…music by me.

Very nice stuff there!
Gotta great mood going on there.
If its not proprietary, how did you get the cool (its a bass guitar?) tone at start
and fade out?
And also, the cool (vocal sorta like singing from the mount) tone?

I am thrilled how this turned out, sounds great here, stereo vocals, cool percussion track, after hearing the early version and i’m amazed how you worked it up Steve, really unique little tune. Very good! And that guitar solo is KICKA**!

Awsum guys, just awsum! Loved it!
The wife calls ya Jackass eh Duff?
All I can say is keep on writing and recording Jackass! :agree: :)

Quote: (Yaz @ Sep. 05 2009, 4:15 AM)

The wife calls ya Jackass eh Duff?

That's one of her better terms of endearment, when she's in a GOOD mood.

Pingcat, the instrument at the begining is a Ruan or Pipa also called a Chinese guitar mixed with an open string on my classical. It also appears in the chorus, plucked, and mixed with a piano.

The vocals are doubled. 1 track has a 2 voice chorus added and mixed to ride on top of the other. Raised volume on
both almost to the point of distortion then put a hard limiter in each channel & reduced volume to taste. Hence the squished down sound.

Oh and the drums are done on a Yamaha DD-55 played with my hands, no sticks. After 3 years I have finally figured out how to record patterns to it's internal memory, sync it to the session via MTC, make it change drum sets while playing patterns back via midi signals......


Absolutely killer… love the way you transition from one part to another. Highly creative. :agree:

Hi Gents:

That’s nice stuff…
The tracks and final mix fits perfectly… It makes you want to listen to the song from start-to-finish… I was waiting for something else to happen in the mix…
But, that’ll happen in the next song…
It’s technically well done…


Very interesting mix of toys there Duff. All put together well. Very nice!I love it when it’s all in tune and time. Wonderful! :agree:


duff, i love your liberal ways with structure and arrangement. very refreshing.

Perfect Duff!! Highly original, well played and great production. Love the eclectic mix of sounds goin’ on in there. Great job!! :agree: :agree:

Everything everyone else said. Fabulous. We need more pipa.

Congrats! It’s a SoundClick Top 100 song!

It’s good to see y’all hookin up! :agree:

Thanks everyone for the listens…Even a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn once in a while.