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I am an happy n’track’s user…Is there anyone that tell me how can I do to augment or dimished the pitch control in a midi song? For example: can I transpose an entire midi song from the key of C in D?


If you click on the midi track’s name in the mixer your get it’s Properties window (you can also right click the track in the timeline and select Properties). In there is a “transpose” selection.

For a more permanent change you could zoom out (in the piano roll view), select all the notes, and then click on the Properties icon (the blue gear wheel). You can then alter the pitch of the selected notes up and down.



Yes, there is other software that does it more easily but it’s not too difficult to do in n-Track.

Always keep a back-up in case things get screwed up!
Setp 1. Open up the “Piano Roll” view of the track you want to transpose.
Step 2. Zoom out the “View” so you can see the entire song.
Step 3. Make sure your cursor is set to “Select Events” and then select all the notes in the track (draw a large rectangle).
Step 4. Click and hold on any note in the selection and you should be able to drag the whole thing up or down in order to transpose the track. That’s it.

(Here’s an even easier but ugly way to do it: open up the “Properties” of the track in question and use the “Transpose” function. But then it would be confusing to edit the Piano Roll view. I wouldn’t do it this way except for a quick and dirty experiment.)


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