Ink Spots

These guys really influence me…I even have them on in the car (missus says she can’t understand me)

The chord structures…melodies…everything. Just GREAT.

Good old fashioned songwriting. EVERY song they did started the same.

“If I Didn’t Care”

"The Gypsy"


If I’m not mistaken, my parents had an album of theirs back when I was a little kid. I remember them, the Kingston Trio, Perry Como, Burl Ives, and… uh, that about all I remember at the moment.

My mom loved those guys to Craig, you have to have some strong vocal skills to sing that stuff.
Thx for sharing.
This is my big influence. Muddy Waters sining, Sonny Boy Williamson2 plain harp. The great song writer Willie Dixon playin bass.

The Ink Spots were wonderful if you ask me.
Aren’t they in the RnR hall of fame?

I always wished I could sing like Howlin Wolf. :)

Man, that Muddy Waters clip is riviting.

I’ll be that they all had some stories to tell!

Ink Spots, R’n’R Hall Of Fame inducted 1989.

Muddy’s video is the upright bass playing Willie Dixon! Awsum (That’ll get them fingers RAW!)

I used to perform an Ink Spots song called “My Backyard” (or at least, that’s what I think it’s called). Great chords & melody.