Input VU meter

I’m on Windows 7, 64 bit, using the 64-bit version of n-Track Studio. I’m using a USB Edirol UA-20 interface.
Two questions.
1. In n-Track Studio, the input VU meter has a grey line in each of the right and left displays. Hovering the mouse over these lines shows a double-headed arrow as the mouse cursor. What are these indicators, and what do they do?

2. I see some random pulsations in the input VU meter when input is selected. The green bounces up to about -45 db randomly. Is this just random noise in the system? As far as I can hear, it doesn’t create audible noise. But I’m curious – just very low level noise in the system?


What drivers are you on? The most visible quietness I’ve experienced is with an ECHO MIA midi on standard ASIO drivers.

my rec VU usually tinkers around 85db,

I think 45db is a bit high for noise,

bass (low frequency noises) are the most common culprit for inaudible but electrically monitor able noise IMHO.

you can expand your VU meters to whatever size you want by clicking the edge , that might help you see what is inside those thin lines (the hammer, + sign, etc etc) that way you will know what the source of the noise is by what sound cards are selected as input(s) in that area, I say inputs because I have over 18 on mine all being used at the same time, so each one had to be isolated and delt with as far as noise goes.

can you imagine 45db of noise on 18channels? lol WOW! :laugh: