Insert new Intro

How to move all tracks to insert Intro

This must be covered somewhere in the forum, but I’ve not had any luck finding it, so will ask …

I’m here with lots of tracks ready for a mixdown and have suddenly decided I want to insert a new introduction. Do I need to drag each track individually to the right and painfully realign them? Will volume envelopes automatically move? What about tracks that don’t start at the beginning of the timeline or that are just made up of several fragments scattered throughout the song?

Is there a one-step method to do this?


I think I’ve just seen the answer to my own question. Apparently I can “Insert Silence” to “All Tracks”, non-destructive. I’ll go and try that.

Sorry to waste anyone’s time!

Another way - I always do editine in non-destructive so that I can go back.
hold down the Ctrl key and click on each track you want to select/move or
Ctrl + a or Edit > Select all
on the lower left corner of each wave file is a + sign. This is for dragging tracks. Click on one of these and move the tracks where you want.
If you want to shorten a track - maybe remove dead time at the beginning: Above the + Sign is small box - click and hole on the box to move right from the beginning. If you ever want to add to the front of a song by expanding a track, you must move the track to the right so that there is empty space - then you can add on that track or record a new take or track for the open area.
Play with it. In Non-destructive you can alway go back. I always do a save first, then number from there ( my song - starting 01, my song 02, my song 03 edited beginning, and so forth.