Inserting Measures

How do you move envelopes as well??

Not sure if this is a bug/feature or I’m just not doing it right…

When I insert measures into a song (applying to the whole song - eg. I realise I need an extra 4 bars at the beginning for an intro) it moves any markers I have set, but it doesn’t move he volume or effect parameter envelopes.

This means that I have to manually redo them all (which on some songs is a real pain if I have a bunch of changes…

Is there a way to move the envelopes as well?



If you press CAPSLOCK before dragging the files, the volume envelopes move with the wav. Not sure if this helps.



Hmmm…in 4.1 beta (bld 1922 here), even when I drag without the caps lock on, the volume envelopes move. Edit/Insert works, too (though the new interface is kinda clunky, IMO). Not sure if it matters, but the song project I played with only had two waves in it, though, and I only experimented with the volume envelope–no effects parameters.

Rich, are you using 4.1 beta? I remember this working with some pre-4.1 versions, too… hmmmm ???


Tony, you’re correct. Not sure where I got the CAPSLOCK idea from, but on the V4 that I’m on the evolutions move with the wavs by default????



Build 1780 change log says the Volume Evolutions now move with the Edit/Insert command.

And the icon to the left of the volume evolution icon says “Move volume/pan/send evolutions when moving parts”. How long has that been there???

Problem solved.

hmmm… I’m using build 1846 and if I insert measures the volume and fx envelopes don’t move…

If I drag the wavs then the volume envelopes move but the fx ones don’t…

I’m inserting by going to Edit > Insert and then typing in the number of measures I want to insert.

I have “Move Markers” and “Move Tempo Changes” both ticked