Inserting track markers?

I have now managed string my live album together successfully but it has come out as just one song for the whole thing! Does anyone know if I can now insert track markers and the begining of each song please so that the songs are seen seperately on a domestic CD player?
Thanking you,
Toni. javascript:emoticon(’:peace:’)

Hi Toni, not sure what you’re asking for here. Are the tracks individual tracks already? I would mix down to seperate tracks.

If they are i would use a cd burner software like windows to burn the cd. track 1, track 2, etc etc. Or whatever software you have on your machine.

Markers can be added in many CD burner software. I know it’s supported in Fiero (what I uses to use) and most likely Nero (what I have now, but have needed that feature for a long time). I doubt n-Tracks built in burner (which I’ven ever tried) supports it but I don’t know that for sure.

FYI: This is functionality that allows splitting up a single long wave into separate tracks on a CD at burn time. It’s invaluable when burning continuous live performances to CD.