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ASIO Drivers

Hello All,
I just purchased N-Track version 6 and ran the install & registered it on my other PC which I’m using Presonus Firebox & it’s drivers. I’m getting the following:
Error Initializing ASIO Driver…

Under Settings > Playback Devices > ASIO drivers I seleccted 'Firebox Asio Driver" and did the same under > Audio Recording Devices…

Still getting the same Error.

The Presonus came with Cubase LE wich was preloaded into the PC and ready to go. Since I wish to convert to N-Track, and start off using 16 bit format / 44.1 what settings should I use?

thx, Lou

If the driver is listed, it should be found if the Presonus is plugged in to the computer. The software can be installed and if the sound card is not working/plugged in then it will give the error. Try a different cable and/or I’d try the WDM drivers and see if you get the same error.

It’s also possible, I think, that this error could be caused by having the Firebox settings different from the NTrack settings.
If you want to use 16/44.1, make sure that is set for BOTH NTrack and the Firebox.

You don’t have any other audio software running that might be “grabbing” the ASIO driver do you?

Did you post a bug report for Flavio? You should if you haven’t. IMO, n-Track handles driver issues very poorly. If I forgot to plug in my external device for example, n used to start-up, cry about the missing device and then hard crash. This was V4 or V5-ish times though. Maybe it’s better about not nuking your system now?

I have a FireBox and it works great with ‘R’, Cubase, BIAB, PTPro etc… My son “stole” it and I never tried it with n. It should work though because it worked with everything else I threw at it.


While were on the discussion of asio drivers, are they better than, wdm? I have been using wdm.

Not necessarily. They have somewhat less latency, but a good WDM driver can do pretty good at that. The advantage of WDM is you can move between applications and use the WDM sound driver for each - the ASIO loads into only one program. This only matters if you use more than one audio program at a time (forinstance - Ntrack to record and mix and Sound Forge to edit.) Some folks find that one or the other works best on their system. I usually preferr WDM myself.

:agree: Thanks, so I'll keep using the wdm drivers.

Guy @fizer music


the ASIO loads into only one program.

ASIO can only have one driver instance running. However, well designed audio apps will release the driver instance if they are switched to the background letting a foreground app have the driver.

ASIO will generally provide lower latency performance. Whether that really matters or not depends on the method the user is using to record and playback. If you use virtual instruments or effects and need to hear them in "real-time" in order to play in synch with previously recorded material, you might need the lower latency performance ASIO can offer. If you are monitoring through a mixer or outboard gear, using few effects "real-time" (or it doesn't matter if the timing is off a few milliseconds) then WDM might be just the ticket. I use ASIO on both my interfaces. The EMU1820M I have has the neat feature of allowing one app to have the ASIO driver and another to use WDM. It works great! I have my DAW software set to use WDM and my editor (Adobe Audition) uses the WDM driver. NEATO!

Try both and use what works best for you in your situation.