Install n-Track Studio on SDcard?

Hoping to REinstall it on my Lenovo 10" 8.1 Android Tablet
Is this possible?
If it is - how is it done?

Some devices allow you to install apps on the device’s SD card, some don’t. This is however set in the device’s settings, it’s not something that n-Track has any control over.
Please check your tablet documentation to see if you can install apps on the SD card.


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There are plenty of App2SD Card or AppToSD Card apps in the android playstore. I haven’t played around with one for a while, but I used to do that a lot on an old android device with limited storage. I couldn’t recommend a particular app, I didn’t keep track. As you mentioned, some apps could not be moved and I thought the app developer was preventing that. So perhaps, N-Track is saying they haven’t put that kind of restriction in there. In any case, just download a high rated app of this kind and see if it’ll let you do it with N-Track. Usually takes just a few minutes.

Moving to SD card should not require root privileges. There may be some apps that mention root privileges because they might try to enable moving apps to the SD card when the tablet or the app doesn’t allow the move. So I would avoid any app that says it requires root privilege.