install trouble

admin error

I was trying to install a program (Sony Acid pro trial) and I get the following message when I know I’m logged in as admin. It’s the only account on my system.

I made myself a password and logged back in. And I am shown in 'task manager / users’

So what gives?

All your other recording programs got together and said “NO MORE!”

Virus checker still on?

Local or web intall?

(I’m fishing – I don’t know either)

WinXp or Vista?

(this does make a differnece in what you mauy need to do)

you’re just not cool enough. always my problem, anyways.

Pobably a bad installer on the DVD. I’ll D/L it later and try again.

It turns out I had turned off some system services (not sure which ones cause the error) - so I just turned on all the services using my laptop as a template, and all is well.
However, Sony Acid Pro 7 requires; MS installer 3.1, DirectX 9.0c, dotNET 3.5, and Windows Media Player 11.