Installation problem & soundcard question

Still having installation problems & still waiting for tech support to answer my questions. Install quits (freezes) about halfway through the SECOND progress bar. I have an older Audiomedia III card and thinking of replacing it with m-Audio 192. I need the digital inputs. Comments? Thanks!

Hi !

Is it the install of the card or n-track that gives you beans ?

If its N - You have tried to download a later version (or the same version again) ?


I hope he comes back W… That happened to me with build 2042… I think IT happened to sloom, as well… And we know he should be installing from the BIG download… not the SMALL one… I think… ?? IT was the only n-Track build that the install “HunG”… At least… for me… that is…


The problem is with the install of n-track. I’m hoping an n-track tech will know what is happening during the halfway point of the second progress bar during installation. I’ve already sent a couple FASoft support forms but am still awaiting response. In the past, my friends and I were very impressed at how quickly a rep answered and helped to resolve issues.

My install problem happened with both 4.1.5 and 4.1.6.