Installed 2209...

EMU ASIO now screwed up…

I only get one input pair showing on the REC meters. Yes, there are the correct number of SENDS in PatchMix. There should be 4 stereo channels showing.

Any other EMU guys seeing this?


Me too.

EMU 1820 and build 2209.

I actually had big trouble with build 2205. It suddendly stopped playing back or recording - and, of course, just when I was pretty inspired and in a hurry. Rebooting and re-installing nTS didn’t help at all. Might have had something to do with the (latest) EMU driver, I don’t know.

So, anyway, I moved to Sonar, which I have so far used only for midi editing. Worked without problems - but of course it was a bit frightening to learn to record and mix with a new program with a deadline looming… luckily, the logic behind Sonar interface is reasonably close to nTS so I did meet my deadline.

(A composition competition for a blues song - I’m not sure if mine is blues, but there it is :blues: It does have a dobro and a slide guitar, and all major chords…)

I am still resisting the (now slowly declining) temptation to upgrade to n-Track v. 5 (running v. 4 with disappointing results). Being the proud owner of an EMU 1820 sound system, I take this post as a dire warning to at least wait a while…

Apart from a couple of old projects, I have now definitely moved to the Samplitude SE platform, which covers all but a few midi tasks I have. These, I refer to Cubase LE or Midi Orchestrator Plus (ancient, but stable midi sequencer from way back when a midi sequencer only did that and nothing else - the only thing I miss in it is the ability to edit CC data).

I am sad to see n-Track still having problems with stability. Maybe the move to .NET wasn’t such a clever one after all - looking at the competition, n-Track seems to have lost its focus of development for the time being.

regards, Nils

I neversaw a need to go past ver 3 myself. Still use it everyday to this day. Ive changed interfaces alot. I still use two delta 1010’s on my stand alone for 16 in. But now I use N on a Core 2 Duo laptop with a Presonus Firestudio and two Digimax FS for 24 in. It works great.

Us EMU cats had to move to V4?? to get support for our cards. Now it appears it has been broken somewhere along the V5 updates.

The driver in use has not been updated by EMU for a LONG time and works perfectly in other software. It is just FUBAR in n-Track V5 2209.


Pst, TG, got a suggestion of something that might fix ya… it starts with the letter R.

Radiation? :D



'til …;

2210 fixed it. All my ASIO inputs are selectable again.

R still rules though…


You folks had me worried there for a while. I got a 1820 sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get back to making music.

I’ve got v4 of nTrack but it has been a good while since I’ve used it. I’d like to get back to making music again, but here I sit ,still at the office and its nine o’clock in the evening.

Anyway, I can’ say that usin v4 was a painless ride. The consensus seems to be that it’s worth upgrading to v5?

Well I’m outta here.


2210 fixed it. All my ASIO inputs are selectable again.

Phew…! Still reconsidering…

That ‘R’ sounds interesting… - Cockos, right? Wanna try when I get the time…

regards, Nils

Prepare to be amazed Nils…