Installing Freeverb

I have a version of Freeverb that “properties” says was created in May 2000. It has installed in a 2.x version of n-track just fine. When I upgraded to 3.x it was still there and works well. My buddy has the same 3.x version that I have but cannot install this version of Freeverb. We have installed other freeware that we both like to use when we record, but Freeverb will not show up in n-track on his computer. We have tried to install it in several places on his computer. No luck.
Also, I come onto this forum to post a new topic every couple months. I seem to have to re-register if a couple months have passed. Is this normal. Why?
Thanks. I really like n-track and have long appreciated the great help from this forum.

It all depends on what the problem is. Is it registered and not working or is it not registered? I suspect not registered.

Also there are two types of Freeverb - DX and VST.

The vst version simply needs to be in the folder n-Tracks looks in for vst plug-ins.

I have a file posted that will register the dx version it on any machine.

Take a look at the source. It’s pretty simple.

FYI: I have Freeverb 1, Freeverb 2, and Freeverb DX posted here (because Jeezar was gone for so long):

Thanks so much. I believe I had the Freeverb 1 direct x. Does the registration work for all versions. How do I do the registration?: Just unzip after I have installed the version of Freeverb that I want?
Interestingly I don’t think my original version of Freeverb that worked on my computer (but not on my friend’s) was registered. I simply unzipped the file and it appeared in n-track when I went to apply effects.
Thanks again,

There’s a batch file in the zip put it in the same directory as freeverb.dll and double click it. (let me know if that doesn’t work). You might have to edit it if the dll names don’t match I don’t remember what freeverb 1 or 2 are actually called, so I don’t know if the batch file will just work with a little tweaking.

Almost all dx plug-ins are registered the same way, so the batch file is a very simple sample to start with.

If all you did was unzip freeverb and it showed up then you have the vst version and it was unzipped into a directory that n-Tracks searched for vst plug-ins. n-Tracks looks in other directories than just the one listed in preferences, thought I don’t the whole path.