I’m having trouble installing n-track

I downloaded n-track, but once i went to install it, it said that it was not a valid Win 32 application. What do I do?

my guess is you downloaded the “small” file and don’t have the .NET framework installed. go to the download page and download the 30MB installer for version 4.0.5. That larger download includes the extra files you need to run n-track.

Go to Microsofts support site for your OS and download an updated Windows Installer package for your system. When the error comes up, note the error number and plug it into the search feature on MS’s website. You’ll get 'er going. This has come up before.

BTW, this is not an n-Track specific bug. MS did some weird stuff in some later service packs that FUBAR’d the installer routines.


The 30Mb version is what gave me this message, so it wasn’t that, but thanks anyway

I couldn’t find a number with the error message, so i tried a couple of installers. no results. i might just be completely missing the number (sometimes i can search for hours for something right in front of my face), but if someone has had a similar problem and knows which installer to download, i would be eternally grateful. (Thanks gtr4him)

Might just be a corrupted download. You on dialup or DSL?


Hi Mark:

Geeeezeee… I know all about that… hehe… :p :O :laugh:

alright, i’ll try downloading it again. i’m on dial up, so i have to wait until i have a spare two hours. Thanks

On dial-up, a utility like GetRight can save you tons of head ache.

Okay, i thought that when i downloaded n-track the first time, it finished suddenly. I realized this time that it finished out of nowhere with 50% left. I tried it and it did give me the same message as the first attempt to install it. So I found the problem. I’m just downloading this to try it, not necessarily to buy it. Should i download the beta version?

Quote (radioss @ July 22 2005,00:36)
I’m just downloading this to try it, not necessarily to buy it. Should i download the beta version?

:D You shouldn’t test drive the beta untill you know the program a little, it might give you the wrong impression. But you can learn a big bunch by reading what some of the more experanced ntrackers find and cure in it.