instrumental to ntrack

what if i had a jay-z instrumental on cd how do i get it on ntrack?please b specific. :)

i didn’t know jay-z licensed anything under the creative commons that would allow you to remix it (even under the non-commercial)… however beastie boys and a few others have… just look up creative commons.

I really don’t understand why you would want an instrumental in whole, but if you want to import it into ntrack then you have to rip it to wav first, there are many programs that do this. I use CDex for doing ripping to mp3, but it does ripping to wav as well (i’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader to find the software, it’s opensource and google is your friend). Then all you have to do is import it as a track. Although once again I don’t know why you would want an entire track, for remixing i personally use trackers, but that’s what I “grew up” on.

Nergle has a good point, that even non-commercial uses of someone elses music are illegal unless you have explicit permission (creative commons license being one of those, a signed document from the copyright holder another etc). Basically if something is explicitly recognizable from a song you need permission of some sort. For example, drum beat from “beat it” == bad, one cymbal crash == not bad, but the law is fuzzy in that area, some believe in a set length of sample, but in essence if it is recognizably from a particular song you could be in a world of trouble.

Of course if no one else ever hears it who’s to know?

I guess you could also record it as though it were an analogue signal from an external source, such as a CD player. Or conect the output of your card to the input of your card and use your PCs CD Player. Some CDs have copy protection though to prevent this.

Lots of ways to copy, but please note the adice already given.