Interesting toy

I downlaoded this yesterday. I’ve come up with some real crap so far, but some very interesting ideas too. And if nothing else the help file is worth a read and going through the demo lessons has taught me quite a bit. Give it a try.


Hey, that’s a scream. Back in 1978 I was in high school, we had a computer class, learn to program in Basic, punch tape backup, loads o’ fun, my final project was a melody generator, it spat out notes and values based on what had come before, so that each note was constrained by what the program had already done. Never got anything musical out of it. :)

I do recall hearing some fake but quite good “Pergolesi” generated by a program written by some MIT folks a number of years back.

Thanks for the link!


Good link, but I nearly puked at the page colour scheme WTF?
Will have a play soon.


Hi Guys… and Steve:
I see what you mean… lol… ??? :laugh:

Mabey, a suggestion to him might be… Change the colours to some form of icon structure… ???