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maya 1010

Hey people, does anyone here use the maya1010 with n-track or know anything about the maya1010 (if its any good or any details I should know about it.

Don’t know Maya stuff Bryan. Maybe someone else will speak up. Seems like there’s a few here that use 'em. Can’t remember…


look here

found 2 points that may cause contention -

microphone inputs provide +12V phantom power
Motherboard with Intel chipsets(BX,820,815 and so on) or VIA chipsets

Dr J

Well, I purchased this about 3 weeks ago and installed it and upgraded my n-track to 5.0 24 bit. I have yet to do anything serious with it but I was just curious if anyone else had it and if they had good luck with it. As for the phantom power. I am using a mackie board with phantom power so Ive got that covered but the chip set thing is new to me. That was the first place I had seen that info. I have a fairly old HP but it seems to be working ok so far but like I said I have not done anything serious with it yet. I baught this new for 239.00 because that seemed cheep for 10 i/o’s

your Maya should work well no matter what you ask it to do - the chip problem (which must be serious or it would not be mentioned on their site) will only be a problem if/when you upgrade your computer -

Dr J

bummer, I was hoping to get a new computer when I can afford one. The one I have is slow. I noticed there web site also mentioned a 512would be recomended and I only have a 256 I believe. I am not very computer savy.

i believe that with 512 you are refering to the minimum requirements for PC RAM - most new PCs either have more installed of offer a cheap upgrade offer - with VISTA on the way you will find Vista ready PCs with more RAM than most of us will know what to do with -

Dr J