I was wondering if n track is compatible with focusrite interfaces like the 2i2? Ive read info regarding other interfaces/sound cards ntrack works with, I just wasn’t sure if the information was up to date. Thanks

I can see no reason why not,

I have used it with a similar entry level M-Audio interface and it worked good.

personally I would stay away from any pre-amp that is USB powered, I like all my power to be filtered beforehand, and I haven’t got much faith in computer power supplies to deliver consistent voltage, if a drop happens to coincide with an audio spike it is potentially fatal for recording. :disagree:

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Which interfaces would you.personally recommend?

Just to offer a different point of view. I have both Firewire and USB. The Firewire is a MOTU and a better, more expensive, interface and the USB is a Tacam to only does two channels - so comparison is difficult. A friend has and 8 track USB and experience no problems. I think what I am saying is that the supperior power supply may be the thing to invest in.
MOTU has added a dual firewire and USB unit because it is getting harder to find computers that have a good firewire curcuit. It’s that kind of unit I would look for. Firewire is not dead for audio, it should be superior, but I have not experienced much difference in tha actual performance.

Thanks. The difference is the firewire is superior in. its ability to transfer info, right?

Presumably. Firewire has a sustained thruput, where USB is not suppose to be as fast. Because audio is written directly to disk I don’t think is really an issue. However, Usb is more subject to inteferance from other devices on the computer using USB. Using Firewire you want to make sure you have TI chip to get the best results. A lot of pluses and minuses/

Quote: (falgorian @ Oct. 22 2012, 8:19 PM)

Which interfaces would you.personally recommend?

give me a price range and I will tell you,

otherwise you will get a hand full of $3000 and up suggestions....that I personally recommend. :whistle:

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I would say between 175.00 to 250.00. I was looking at the focusrite scarlett 8i6 interface. What do you all think of that one for a windows xp sp3 system?

is it necessary to have two inputs? eg. are you often recording two channels at once?

I have general rule (as do many over at gearslutz) and that is:

don’t buy anything now for less if your end goal is studio quality and you will eventually be selling it for what you really need when you have a little more money.

that being said, focusrite are sort of middle of the road, they don’t get a whole lot of positive feedback for their multi-channel (8) systems as compared to others in the price ranges, but they seem to hold their own on entry level stuff, the reason I think this is is because entry level musicians/producers don’t have a lot of other pre-amps and converters around to compare.

My whole point with this is if you are going to invest 250 quid in a dual preamp interface you may find later you only need a single higher quality preamp to get the job done with better results.

I bought a Mindpint Envoice a few years back for 250 and couldn’t be happier with that choice, however it was used and I did have to replace the tube in it after a few months of heavy use.
The thing with dedicated channel strips like the for-mentioned Mindprint example is they often have the converter in them (to do 24 bit 96k)as an option, along with other advantages (tube stage compression for example) eq, that sort of stuff, now that might not mean anything to someone just starting using mostly software compression/eq, but these things do come up down the line and end up being expensive in the hardware area. (some people use compression/limiting for example to avoid clips and overloading the converters with bass or peaks in the 1k area on vocals)

Another thing to consider is gain (especially if you are going to get into ribbon mics) if that’s going to be an issue down the line you might want to save up now and get something like the Golden Age Project Pre73 MKII, (80db! WOW!) specially if you are going for a more vintage Neve sound and then get a simple $100 converter/PCI card like and Audiophile 2496 for example.

You might want to think about external routing too, if you are going to want to do pedals and such with a guitar but also want to record the clean guitar at the same time you would need either a mixer with aux out/in and/or a interface with inserts, not all of them have inserts or allow you to record both the clean and effected signal at the same time.

If pre-amp quality or vintage sound is not a huge concern you could go with something like the Mackie ProFX12 mixer, this will give you a way to expand as far as external effects in the future as well as provide two relatively clean channels of A/D conversion which you could pan left and right for clean and FX capturing.

I use an ONYX but I don’t often use the onboard preamps since I have so many external racks that are a bit more flavored, in any event you could always get the mackie mixer which will handle your two channel A/D conversion along with give you external FX routing options, and later as you can afford it start adding various higher and pre’s to the system.


I was not aware and correct me if I’m wrong but mixers deal with low latency? If thats the case I must learned something today.

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I was not aware and correct me if I'm wrong but mixers deal with low latency? If thats the case I must learned something today.

You are correct, that mixer has some reported problems when using with a Mac.

it was really just a suggestion to get you going looking at the options and thinking ahead of what you might need that the focusrite doesn't do, hence you would have to buy something else as well, if you already own a decent hardware mixer than the point is mute.

you might want to check out the Tascam US1800 on sale now for under $250.

it's pretty impressive for what it can do in that price range, 4 balanced outputs which you could use to route to external FX and back into an input, 2 Hi-z on the front for DI guitars as well a phantom on all 8XLR's (paired 1-4, and 5-8) for condenser mics, a total of 16 inputs with 0 latency monitoring.

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