Internal Soundcard Noise

Hi Noise levels in N-Track

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Thanks for your help in advance. I just downloaded N-Track onto a Sony Vaio Laptop (Win 2000)which has A SoundMaxDigital Audio onboard soundcard. It only has headphone and microphone in’s. Without a microphone connected and the Microphone record volume set at 0, N-track reads -41 on the VU meter. I realize this soundcard is not great but I’m suprised at how much noise Im getting. Is there anything I can do to reduce it? The static is enough to make even project recording pointless. -Wyatt

Also with laptops, if you don’t have anything plugged into the mic input socket the inbuilt mic may be active.
In which case you will get a lot of noise and I find mine pics up alot of noise from the HD

But the inbuilt mic pre will probably be cheap and noisy anyway


Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it. Actually the internal mic is something I hadnt thought of though im not sure if it has one. If it did, does anyone no a way to shut it off? -Wyatt

I think most laptops are wired so that if you arm the “mic” then it will record from the inbuilt one unless you plug something into the mic socket.
Unless you have a separate line in and mic channel in your mixer to arm/disarm…


you might try plugging in an unwired mini jack into the mic in to disarm it. by plugging into the jack you disarm the built in mic plus you get no signal coming in from the “fake” mic…you may need to connect the two terminals of the unwired jack to quiet it down completely. I’ve done this on camcorders so I have no audio interference on video. I just realized i’ve said the same thing as Nergle.

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