International Songwriting Competition

Just caught this in an email from Shure.


I got curious and took a look at the winners and of course I went strait to blues.
I clicked to listen and the song downloaded!
Imagine the best of the best as fee downloads.
It’s a cool song, a ghost beat shy of being a true Tx shuffle but it has all the other ingredients!
Why don’t they just offer a 60 second preview and a buy link?
It’s hard to sell music.

Darren Watson
All Going Wrong
Wellington, New Zealand Get it, it’s real good.

#2 in blues is a keeper too, sounds like Ray Charles!
Uros Peric
U.P. Down Blues
Celje, Slovenia

:laugh: Click on third place (they show the top 3) and it’s a band from Chicago!
Hit their link and you get their website.
So I guess it’s up the the artist to add a link.
It’s hard to sell music! In this case maybe the label’s site.

Oh by the way, 3rd place whent to:

Chris James Del Villar and Patrick Rynn
"Mr Coffie"
Chicago Il

It’s a tough business period.

Noticed there’s no “metal” category there…ah well, looks like other genres are missing too I guess. At least that’ll keep the hardcore screamers away.

Cool seeing Youssou N’Dour and Baaba Maal on the last panel of judges- remember listening to their stuff during my Peace Corps days in West Africa. Never thought I’d see their names associated with another judge by the name of Weird Al Yankervic!

Yeah, Levi- free listens…even when you get your name “out there”, looks like it ain’t no easier!

Went back to look at past winners - 2005 blues winner Odd blend of R&B Blues - Gospel and hippidy hop.

“Way Down Homeless Blues”.
You know there are a some players from Austin who like to gig in Europe.
In some cases each member of a band pays his own way over.
I’m sure some of them end up broke over there singin way down homeless blues!

That panel of judges is impressive! Prises are nice too.

awful lot of aussies on that list, especially if you go down to the honorable mentions in each category. something fishy…