Interview with Trevor Horn

Some good stuff here:

Ooh! Cheers Mark.

He is amazing. And I still listen to RKTVS occasionally. My kids love it. They don’t understand it, but they love it.

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Video Killed The Radio Star

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Video Killed The Radio Star

Yeah, I know. I think Tom got it round the wrong way.

I re-listened to some of the songs he mentions as I was listening to the interview. The production is so big on some of those songs. And not a vst(i) in sight.

I like his Art Of Noise stuff and his work with Grace Jones but now I gotta go listen to some Sly ‘n’ Robbie.

Forum lysdexia.

Most excellent.

Talking of lysdexia, it is good to see Google’s sense of humour come out occasionally:

"Did you mean?"…

No. Really? No. Cool.

Dyslexia == Daily Sex

So, now we know. :laugh:

What a nice Interview…

I have not reached the end of it yet…
and then there’s a second part to it, as well…


Dyslexia == Daily Sex

So, now we know.