10 count before intro starts

Does anyone know how I can get a 10 count before I lay down the second track?
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Did ya try the metronome?

It helps if the first track was recorded with it though.

Not sure why you would want a 10 count (unless you were in 5/4 time…)
But I usually leave 2 or 3 bars at the beginning of a song before I start playing.
If you have a click track, just make sure it is starting from the very beginning so you have 2 or 3 bars of click.
Or turn the metronome on and it will play from the beginning also.

If you have recorded 1 track and not left a couple of bars at the beginnig, turn on snap to grid and slid the track across to the right 2 or 3 bars


or a 4 count

It would have worked best if you created the 10 count before you laid down the first track.

Dave T2

Put a marker “10 counts” after the start of the first track. Use the crossed arrow tool to drag the track to start at the marker.


thanks for the great ideas.