iOS feature request. From PACO

Marker with name editing.

Hi Flavio,

I hope you read this, I was messing around with the iOS version just to check it out and there is one glaring feature it really needs, Since were working with a smaller window version of n-Track on the iPad the use of “Markers” is very important as it will tell you when a part goes into, for example “leed starts here” or any other timing start stop, in a users compilation. It should have a window to add text and when the timeline goes over the marker it should pop up the text that was entered for that marker. Currently I’m using volume nodes as markers.

Hope you add this feature to the iOS version. I think it would be a welcome addition.


+1 on this request. It is very useful on the desktop version and would be helpful on iOS too. Honestly the closer the iOS version gets to the Mac/Windows version, the easier it will be to port packed song files back and forth and truly have an integrated workflow.