iphone 6s plus iOS 9.0.2 - questions/probs

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Hi there,

I am experiencing some issues on my new iPhone 6s plus.
My hope was to record in 192k 24bit. The phone has no prob doing many tracks at 96k.

N-track gives the error that the "selected sample rate is not supported"
I am using a RME Fireface ucx and definitely it is a supported rate for the interface.

Maybe this is an iPhone limitation?

Furthermore, I am trying to record track by track, instrument by instrument. Sometimes I want a mono track, sometime I want stereo. Even if I have chosen mono, the track always records in stereo and always enables 2 inputs. Is this a bug? I assume so since the mono option is there.

Are these just iOS 9 bugs? iPhone 6s bugs? Just wondering as this is pretty much hindering my recording process and have gone back to Multitrack @ 96k because it is recognizing my interface properly. It doesn’t support 192, nor does it have as many option as n-track so I wanted to start using n-track but I am stumped.