irus alert

ups delivery problem

If you get an email from United Parcel Service subline UPS delivery problem number 80404. DONT OPEN IT IT’S A VIRUS!
Even cursoring over the senders name shows the address as
I made the mistake of opening one a couple days ago thinking I might have ordered some strings and forgot about it.
My antivirus software saved my system, sending off flashing lights and alerts.

The sender apparently has time to send repeat emails,
maybe he can tell the first one did’t work, I got another today.

This is also probably a virus too with the same MO: DHL Services DHL delivery problem number 0508

Those are making the rounds again? Geez… I better make sure Avast is up to date. My ISP at home has been flaky lately. My virus definitions may not be up to date…

Thanks for a heads-up. Very nicely written too! :peace:


Quote: (Diogesneez @ Oct. 08 2009, 11:57 PM)

Very nicely written too!

It's the way I always write, nothing new nothing different.
Cut the patronizing. I don't recall anyone appointing you the nTrack chairman of the ways and means committee.

Cut the patronizing.



It's the way I always write, nothing new nothing different.

Bullshit. You want me to go find samples of where I looked at one of your posts and thought; "What the heck?"

I already told you yesterday I would stop the preaching. I guess there is no getting along with you. I withdraw the olive branch if you're just gonna beat me over the head with it.


Do what you like, I’m not wasting my time. If your that hung up about spelling go for it, it wouldn’t be anything new for you to find fault in some way. In fact this is right up your alley. Antagonistic, rude, and tasteless. :laugh:

Glad I could help!


Some will say that we are the best show in town but hey, lets get back to what we do best ok? Lets get back to nonchalant fun! I like you really, I don’t want to harass you. I’m only saying, enough is enough.