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Hi; I have a chance to pick up a gently used digi001 at a good price, and am hoping someone here could give me a tip or two about how the unit will work with nTrack… I have already DLed a bunch of drivers from the digidesign website, but did not find any control programs similar to the delta panel I am used to with my M-Audio card. Does anyone know if I need one, and where I could find it?

TIA for any help or advice; I may be away from the net over the Christmas holiday, but I will be back tuesday, so please take no offense if I do not ack your replies right away, okay? :)

'til then!
Tony W
Happy Holidays Everyone!!

You may not need one if it works ok. Many soundcards just use the Windows one. IT depends on the drivers and exposed features of the card. ASIO drivers require some sort of controls that Windows does offer, such as direct buffer support.

Seems like you may not be the only one with potential issues though.

Here’s the latest drivers and some info. It doesn’t seem to answer your question, which I’m sure you are l ready know.

Hey phoo! Thanks for the link - I was all over the digi site, and did not find that page! I did get all the DLs I think I will need, but it seems the 001 will not work with a win98 system (or at least it is not supported, so I have not bothered to install it yet) (yeah, I went ahead and bought it), so I am being forced (kicking and screaming) to get XP for my main DAW - BUMMER!!! Aw, well… I probably should have upgraded years ago, but I kept hoping someone would make an nTrack for linux! ???

I admit, the other site was a little worrisome. I went ahead and signed the petition, though. Maybe it will help…

'til next time;
Happy New Year!
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