is audiominds still around?

i put up a post regarding a compressor limiter that i wanted to reread but cant open the site. does it still work for others here? if not any suggestion for a cheap compressor limiter. something along the lines of elephant. lookin for somethin cheap.


I haven’t been able to logon at AM all day. Having AM withdrawl syndrome.

Do you need a hardware comp/limiter? There are some pretty nice freeware plugins available.

Scout the LINKS page on the left and look for compressors/limiters.


PS: Don’t forget the FASOFT Compressor.

PPS: Here is a link to the freebies I use:

thanks don. i need somethin to pump up the dbs some. i know elephant was mentioned since it was pretty cheap but that wasnt the name of the one i was going to purchase. it was a compressor limiter i believe though. i was interested in a different plug in besides the one in n

DNS is down for the domain. These things happen from time to time. I bet it’s back on line within a day or two. If anyone has any facts, please post.

Anyone happen to know the (numeric) IP address? That would probably still work.

okay i remember now it was peakcompressor. so whats better peakcompressor or elephant? and don hows that free compressor on the link? which do you reccomend? thanks

Yea, we’re working on it. Steve says it may take a day like Jeff said. Hang in there Don



The “Gold Series” from is new. I have their old series which I think was called the “Master” series and they work fine. Give them a try or go to and be overwhelmed and dumbfounded with other options including user reviews. The kjaerhasaudio plugs are priced right. How can you beat F-R-E-E?!

I also use the PGMusic plugs that are native to “Power Tracks Pro Audio.” They are great plugs but not available without buying the proggy.


OK, I guess! I may be able to last another day or so without AM but it will be painful!

Thanks for the update though.

Don (Where’s my chicken?) Gaynor

Quote (KingDon @ July 15 2005,23:55)
Yea, we're working on it. Steve says it may take a day like Jeff said. Hang in there Don


PM me. I want to talk to you about DNS. I may have means to prevent that from happening ever again.

Bump to top…
Do any of you audiominds out there have any current info on the downtime?

if everyone would click start > run and type the following:

cmd [ENTER]
ipconfig /displaydns > c:\dns.txt [ENTER]
exit [ENTER]

someone could find the host entry after looking in that text file… as for me, i’ve flushed and no audiominds entry… sorry… even then, i expect it’s a shared server, so we’d all have to modify our hosts file just to pass along the correct host header… not a difficult thing to do, however…


p.s. or just:

cmd /C “ipconfig /displaydns > c:\dns.txt” [ENTER] in the “Run” dialog box…

We’re moving to a new server, so things should be back up in a day or so. Long story about what happened, and everything had to wait until Monday. Funny how these problems start up every early evening on Fridays.

Any Way, we should be fine in a day or two, hang in there guys!


experiencing some serious audiominds withdrawal

OK it’s starting to come back now. If you don’t see it tonight, it should be finished by tormorrow. I’m glad this is over.


i use the “classic” series from this site.
i downloaded the whole package (limiter, compressor, delay,EQ etc.) and they work just fine (for me , anyway). …and they are free…