is Everything Falls....

until it’s done

Everything Falls is finished. Brought some of the guitars up, and added the lead stuff. Then ran it through the wavehammer to make it more beefy.

Hey teledork
The song sounds really good! Great singing! I like the vocal sound. I don’t like a lot of reverb on vocals. I read along time ago that people would try to hide the fact that they can’t sing by adding reverb, not the case here. I like the added effect of the voc at the end,“everything falls” nice!!! The guitar licks are smokin also. Really tastey!!! Overall a good mix. The only thing I would do is bring the lead voc down just a little bit. 1 or 2 db. To my ears it would sit in the pocket just right. Keep up the great work!
Jeremy ( a tele lover )!

Thanks jeromee. I’ll play around with that.

BTW…thems pretty much all teles on that track. The Custom Tele FMT is playing the lead things, so it’s got the bucker thing happening. But it’s a Fender and it says Telecaster, so it works for me.

Crunch power chords are done with my old Terrycaster…a frankenstein tele I put together about fifteen years ago. Not a lot of ‘pop’ to that guitar, but a heckuva lot of ‘grunt’.

teledork, liked it alot. Vocals are ok for me cause I like vocals out front, think the reverb is ok on them but maybe a slight delay washed thru less reverb may sound better(Alan Parsons used this alot). Guess that is just personal taste. Overall sounded great! Like the way you build the sound as the song progresses. Tele’s still rule the world!:D

Hey Teledork,

Great song, great vox, really like it. I recently recorded a track called Need you bad which I did the vox on and sent it to a friend of mine and he tore it to pieces( didn’t post it cos the guitar player and I used Cubase!!). Now I’ve heard the quality of this, I think I know why. Congrats!!

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Nice work tele! Mix is great!