Is it just me? Or is the site awful slowww...

Takes forever to load a page…

Fasoft is not under a DoS attack I hope… ?


Was…seems back up. Twas a temp glitch. WE HOPE!

Yeah… all of a sudden it’s very snappy and responsive… Was like watching paint dry earlier.



Levi? Did you hit that playrate slider by accident again? :laugh:


Gonna have to take the 1 away I gave him.

Seems ok to me.

Quote: (Dubious @ Dec. 08 2008, 11:55 AM)

Fasoft is not under a DoS attack I hope... ?


It was a kind of self-inflicted DoS attack.. I hadn't cleaned up the place where crash dumps were stored in a few months, and a few tens of Gb piled up, and when I tried to do some cleanup today, for reasons I don't fully comprehend, the process brought the server to its knees eating up all of the available RAM...
The cleaning up is done and the server appears to be greatly relieved... it should be running normal again.


SWEET! A little house cleaning is a good thing. :agree:


PS You forgot that dust bunny under the recliner…

So that’s where my dmp files have been going… under your sofa? :agree: