I’m still having problems with drumagog and/or other plugin programs freezing up. My processor is an Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 ghz. I have 1 gig of RAM. Is this a problem of CPU usage or do I need to up the memory?

I would say neither. You have plenty of both, in fact enough to make this puppy do cartwheels if you wanted it to.
There’s a slue of things that could be causing this problem with the plugs.
I’m unfamiliar with those pluggs. Are they VST? or the other? MME…is it?
Anythiong from a virus to soundcard driver issues could cause such a foul up. And I’m no computer guru, but it’s usually a process of ulimination with theses things… :;):

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i have the same cpu as you and only 512 of ram and dont have any problems. however, i use mostly the “classic” series of plug-ins from here ( have you tried different plug-ins? imho i would think that if you have a problem with ALL plug-ins, its your setup. if you don’t have a problem with others, just drumagog, it must be the plug-ins. like i said, imho.

I assume you have WinXP. Do a Ctrl-Alt-Delete, bring up the Task Manager. Click Performance tab.

Physical Memory is your Ram, 1G. Commit Charge is how much you are using of this 1G. Kernel is, generally, how much is additionally needed. Minimize this number. Even if your Commit is less than the Physical, there will still be a small quantity her. For example I have 784,384 Physical, 371,128 Commit, and 69,392 Kernel. When I had 256k Physical, the kernel would make up the difference, i.e. RAM stored on the Hard Drive. This may not be exactly what’s happening, but it is a good approximation.

Also click your Processes tab. See what is running, you may have some hogs using memory.

Next run Adaware and/or Spybot. Clean out your system. This is specially important if you use the computer to surf the web.

Music programs are real resource hogs. I find that after time Windows gets fat and clogged up with stuff, needing a fresh reinstall. How long have you been running this operating systme, and how much other stuff do you do on the PC? XP is better than Win98, but still not perfect. Maybe Bill’s next iteration will improve on this.

I would say that the best first step to building a DAW from a computer that’s been in use is to wipe it clean and start over, reinstalling only the programs you really need.

Lots of programs cause DLLs to get installed that mess up audio. Not sure of the details, but I’ve seen it happen. Also, this cleans any viruses/worms/etc.

Does your computer regularly freeze up running other software? If not, it’s unlikely to be computer’s hardware causing the problem. More likely, it’s the software that you are running. If there was a problem with your CPU or memory, Windows itself would be flakey - is it?

My computer operates perfectly otherwise. I need to take a look at my system as valrecorder suggested…I’ll get to that. In the mean time, I’ve got windows XP, I’ve run McAfee and I have no viruses, I’ve run spybot and clean up the small handful of spyware. I’m wondering if I need to reinstall N-Track and drumagog…I’m using ONLY the classis plugins, n-track effects, and drumagog…

So many variables…

my setup is pretty much the same as how you describe yours XCEPT i don’t use Mcafee or drumagog. this will probably sounds reallllly crazy to a lot of people but i question the validy of antivirus programs and wonder if they aren’t as intrusive as the stuff spyware blockers are supposed to get rid of. ( i don’t get viruses – must be lucky)) in any event you can try Spyware Blaster ( ) its free and seems to be a step better than some of the others. otherwise i would seriously suspect a problem with drumagog. :)