Is N-Track for me?

strongly considering purchase

Hi folks. I’m a guitarist interested in recording tunes in my home studio. I’ve been using Reason to create backing tracks that I mix down to a stereo wav and import into a Roland tracker. I’m looking for something easier to use and N-Track looks like a sure hit on the surface. I checked out Sonar but it seems much deeper than what I need. Some questions if you can assist:

1. Is version 4 stable now? Seems like there were a lot of issues when it first came out.

2. How does it behave as a Rewire client?

3. I’ve read posts here and I gather that MIDI isn’t really one of N-Tracks strongest features. I do want to be able to use VSTi plugins like Absynth2 and Kontakt - does the basic midi capability in N-Track exist to drive these plugins to where I can use them as softsynth sources in tracks?


I’ll try and answer the 3’rd point as I have no experience with point 1 and 2 yet…

n-Tracks midi capabilities are quite strong, really. Not as sophisticated as many others in the field, but at the price, it can’t be beaten. It is, after all, an audio recording and mixing piece of software. I don’t use n-Track as my sole piece of midi software, though. I use Voyetra Midi Orchestrator Plus, Synthfont (great program, and free(!)), and the free(!) Jazzware Jazz++ for the more intricate bits, like arranging and planning. Then I import the midi files into n-Track for final touch-up and editing. n-Track has a lot of well thought-out features regarding dynamics, quantizing (Flavio, when will a groove quantize feature be available?), instrument assigning and detail editing.

Some kinds of midi editing are only possible in n-Track, other kinds of editing are only available in other programs, so have a few different programs around for flexibility.

regards, Nils

To answer points 1 & 2

1. n-track 4 has been pretty stable for quite a few builds now, with many newer builds adding new functionality rather than bug fixes (a sure sign that things are bedding down).

2. n-track isn’t a ReWire client. It only acts as a ReWire “master”. Basically, you can control Reason through n-track, but you can’t control n-track through Reason. To be honest, the n-track ReWire stuff is still a bit flaky (at least with Fruity Loops which is what I use), so I’d be tempted to download the n-track demo version and confirm that it does what you want it to do before comitting to purchase on the basis of ReWire. I’ve had specific issues with sync and tempo & time signature changes, so these would be good things to validate with n-track/Reason. If Reason will act as a VSTi, then this may be a more stable way to go forward in the shorter term.