Is "N" getting better or just different?

Stability changes with every build


I have been having problems with n-Track since the day I bought it (about 2 months ago). I have been vigilant in downloading the current upgrades but it doesn’t seem to help.

Every build seems to behave differently than the previous version. Build 1756 worked OK on my machine but build 1769 was a total disaster. It repeatedly crashed the minute I clicked the play button (with the same song, hardware and settings used in build 1756).

Last night I downloaded build 1770 and it works again but now the “freeze” function doesn’t work right. When I freeze 4 VSTi tracks only two of them play back.

Anyhow, my question is, why is the stability of these builds jumping around so much? I would expect little changes here and there, not wild swings from total success to total failure! This is REALLY frustrating. I keep hoping the program will settle down to a level that I can use but every version has a new problem with a function that previously worked!

I have sent email to Flavio so many times I’m sure he’s getting tired of it. Frankly, so am I. I’m also getting tired of the “nTrack has encountered an error and needs to shut down” display!!

Anyone else have these problems or just me?

All reports help. It’s frustrating as heck, but if there are good repro steps then everyone benefits in the long run. Don’t be too discouraged. Keep the versions that work handy. :)

Have you been able to repro your problems when not using any plug-ins? You may have already do this…probably have…try to narrow it down to a few steps as possible using as little as possible. Make one little change at a time until the problem changes in any way. Even without exact 100% of the time repro steps trying to do that may expose a pattern.

Remember…you ARE the beta team for Flavio…

Yes , slowfingers, I feel your pain. Version 4 was nothing but trouble for me; constantly crashing.

The thing I realized is that I didn’t need any of the enhancements in the 4.x versions so I went back to my trusty 3.3 version and its running pretty solidly (although it does crash every once in a while).

I’ve used 4 for a week. In one week it has crashed more than version 3.3 ever did. ???

Been using version 2.3 for 6 years now.

I do get ridiculed for not upgrading around here.
Only to find the same people who pick on my version in here complaining that the latest version is crashing on them.
He who laughs last laughs best I guess.

Newer is not always better.
I got a 1987 Dodge 2ton truck, than can blow most newer models of the road. Shure I get funny looks on the highway! But it suites my needs just fine.

Find something that works for you bro, and don’t get hung up on beating the Jones’s.


I think it’s getting better. “Freeze” alone is worth the upgrade IMO. I like SIR reverb a lot and with freeze I can get my 'verb the way I want, freeze the tracks, aux, groups or whatever and get that CPU power BACK! Way cool IMO.


The memory corruption error I have mentioned a few times in other threads as being a possible cause for some odd errors has been fixed as of build 1774.

WOOHOO!!! Thank you, Flavio!

I’d say better. There have been so many feature enhancements as well as bug fixes in 4.x, I am a happy guy. Just a few more features and I can do most everything in N. [subliminal message]MIDI music notation editing[/end subliminal message] :)


I know where you’re coming from though I feel it more as irritation than frustration. Irritation is when it works but not exactly as you hoped and frustration is when nothing seems to work.

Momentum is building in terms of fix ups and things may clear up much sooner than expected. At build 1774 things are looking much better and the program is again beginning to take on a solid feel for this new verision. Even on my supposedly junk via chipset based system an immediate difference is apparent between today and the builds of a month ago. I have to send in more thorough reports from here on in.

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