Is SYSX or MMC available for this software?

Ok I figured out how to bring up and configure SMPTE/MTC. Now my question, is this program midi controlable via SYSX, or MMC? If so does anyone have the code to stop and start play? The usual code-

Stop:F0 7F 7F 06 01 F7
Play:F0 7F 7F 06 03 F7

doesn’t seem to work. Please help.


Is should work, but I haven’t tried it in a loooooonnnng time, and back then it didn’t work as I would expect. There work some bugs, but I could get it to follow along an external sequencer using MIDI Clocks.

You may have to click the play button to put it in slave mode, waiting for input. Yes, I know that’s not exactly controlling it externally, but that may be one of the quirks that wasn’t the way I expected.

I hope someone else pipes in. It’s been so long that I may be way off base.

It has a “learn” mode for using MIDI commands, I am not sure whether MMC is among the commands it learns. I played with it a bit long ago and was able to link up to faders on my digital mixer although I didn’t pursue it much.